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How to extract and print large pictures

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I posted this originally on an Arctic Cat fourm. There is a website where you can download the complete schematics for the machine but the PDF file contains ALL of them including snowmobiles. I thought it would be useful to post this guide because it can apply to other machines and for other uses. (such as maps) The website listed (K&T Parts house) has complete service manuals and schematics for Arctic Cats. Other brands probably can get a PDF of their service manuals as well and schematics. I found printing out the schematic on a single page made it too small so I found a way to print it on four pages and splice them together to make a nice printout. This uses all free software (best kind) So enjoy!



The website that has the schematics located here.


"K&T Parts House Lawn Mower Parts and Chain Saw & Trimmer Parts"


The file is large and includes a whole slew of schematics, the question is how to extract out the one you need and print it? The diagrams don't print well on a regular sheet of paper due to their size so here is a procedure to get the diagram you need and make a nice print. This will be with utilities you can get for free (the best kind :)


After downloading the large PDF of the schematics, go to this website here...


Tracker Software Products :: PDF-XChange Viewer, Free PDF Reader


Download pdf-xchange (its free)


Open the pdf file with this program. by clicking on the selections you can get to the exact schematic you need. Once its displayed do this:


File -> Export -> Export to Image


Select "Current page" , Image type "JPEG", choose your folder to drop the image, give it a name like "2006 400 auto" set page zoom to 100% and resolution to 300 or 400 dpi Then click export. You will now have a JPG of the page.


Next step is to go to this website...


posteriza.com - Home


Download the program (free) What this will do is allow you to tke this large JPG and break it up onto several pages. I use 4 for the schematics. Its pretty easy to follow and I print them without a border. Print them out and use an old fashioned "cut & tape" and you will now have a nice large printout of your schematic.



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