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Arctic Cat electrical locations

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This is for you Dennis and Bob:


The first picture is a 2 wire trailer connector, you can buy this at any auto parts store. This is what is used to connect to the accessory plugs so you do not have to splice any wires.


Second picture is where the winch's solenoid will mount. Arctic Cats provide a location to bolt the solenoid and it is probably in a similar area on your machines.


Third picture is the '366 showing the front accessory power port. I have and warmers and the winch's low current point connected here. Deluxe hand warmers will come with the connectors already attached and two of them so you can daisy chain another accessory. In this case I have it terminated with the winch control wire.


Fourth picture is the rear accessory power port. Same connector, same fuse. and both are set to shut off with the key (not always on power) It is capped to prevent corrosion.


Fifth picture is what I made to connect a battery tender. Dennis you mentioned seeing this plug near here and it was also switched with the key, that is for the passenger hand warmer kit. You cannot use it for a battery tender. You will have to make one of these connected to the battery to make it easy to hook up a tender.


BTW: typically stock Arctic Cat batteries suck, I only got two years out of mine, but if you use a tender, you should get better life out of it then I did.


Sixth picture is showing the winch's solenoid connected to the frame looking from the other side. You should see two holes for screws to connect the relay here.


Hope this helps



DSCI1416 (Small).JPG

DSCI1417 (Small).JPG

DSCI1420 (Small).JPG

DSCI1423 (Small).JPG

DSCI1424 (Small).JPG

DSCI1425 (Small).JPG

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