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  1. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you guys!
  2. I traded in the commander!

    The RZRs are nice but I am just an Arctic Cat guy at heart.
  3. I traded in the commander!

    April Fools! Come on now guys a Polaris. In reality it is a 2015 Arctic Cat Trail Limited from Team Effort Cycle. I added a rear window, winch, full doors, wind screen, winch, and LED light.
  4. I traded in the commander!

    I just cant wait to hit the trails in my new RZR. Allison picked it out because the blue color matches her car.
  5. New tires

    Looking Sharp Mike.
  6. Annual VATV Club Picnic

    We all survived and had a great time! I am downloading photos as we speak.
  7. Annual VATV Club Picnic

    Allison and I plan on attending.
  8. April Poll

    D - Mudslingers http://outdoorchannel.com/Shows/Mudslingers.aspx
  9. March Poll

    Even though it may be a little too cold to play in the Mud I love riding in the fall. Leaves changing, cooler temps, and poker runs, you just can't beat it.
  10. Spring Tune up

    I changed the Diff Fluid, Oil, Brakes, and a Wheel Bearing on Allison's Cat yesterday. Mine is going to be done sometime this week.
  11. December Poll

    Ride the Quad Break the Quad Fix the Quad Repeat!
  12. Welcome Cube Auto Supply & Recreation

    Sweet, Welcome.
  13. Welcome Team Effort Cycle

    Thanks for being a sponsor. I would love to buy a new cat but the old one keeps on going and going. Now if the wildcat was less than 58" I would be up tomorrow.
  14. November Poll

    I put in a vote for SSRT, it's sad I did not even make it down there once this year.
  15. Poll Area

    I would like to see a poll for favorite trail systems. I think that would be neat.