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  1. t shirts

    Will he be bringing extras to sell at the picnic, LuLu and I will probably get one.
  2. cat for sale

    Bob, I sent pictures and a write up to Larry and he posted on SSRT and that's where I sold mine.
  3. I traded in the commander!

    Rob, I was like didn't he just say he bought 2 new Artic Cats, now a RZR too!!! Lol,
  4. Dealer can make a difference

    What other lines do they sell, I still want a side by side by not the Polaris, too expensive? They have the Honda there?
  5. Annual VATV Club Picnic

    Yes, it was a great weekend and many thank you's to Dennis and the Nitch family and everyone else who makes a hugh effort to see we have a good time.
  6. Annual VATV Club Picnic

    I will be at Potato City again.
  7. Annual VATV Club Picnic

    havent seen you guys in a while. looking forward to seeing you all again.
  8. Annual VATV Club Picnic

    I will be attending