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  1. Helping Hallstead

    Sorry guy,s unable to make it again,my wife fell at work and busted her chin three sticthes,hyper extended her wrist so i,m staying close to home to help her out for the weekend,have fun and take good pix mike like always Tom
  2. Helping Hallstead

    i got direction off the page to Joe,s house meet you,s there i guess for 9:00-9:30, mike my cell # is 570 362-0798 Tom
  3. Helping Hallstead

    i can be there for this sun 10/10/10 staying over sat at hopbottom camp site sear forest,need a little help where to meet up at
  4. Helping Hallstead

    I can be there for the 3rd,10th interested in tailman for the 17th tom