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  1. Spring is just around the corner. We have alot of good rides coming up. Now is the time to do any needed service on your Atv/ SxS. Get it ready for the upcoming season. Change oil and filter, check battery, tires, brakes, radiator. bushings, make sure all fluid levels are full. Check for loose bolts. This is also a good time to take an inventory of your first aid and tire kit. Make sure your compressior is working. Check your winch make sure it's working properly. Inspect your tow strap and tool kit. Make sure you have everything you need just in case you have a problem on the trail. It's eaiser to do this before a ride instead of finding out you have a problem once your out on the trail... :up:

  2. I'd like to Welcome Jennifer Schuler and all the folks from Team Effort Cycle on board as a new club sponser. Thanks for your sponsorship and let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Feel free to post any info. or promotions ect.. We look foward to a happy and long relationship. Hope to get you and your crew out on a club ride with us.... :up:



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