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  1. Helping Hallstead

    Joe Kovitch from the Hallstead Fire co. called me today. They are in the planning stages and he asked me to get a idea of how many members are willing to help out with the poker run. They plan to ride the route each weekend throughout the month of Sept. to learn the entire trail. This will be Sat. or Sun. depending on thier work schedules. Joe can offer over night accoommodations for up to 6 people the night before the run or you can camp or put a camper in the yard if needed. If your interested in helping out you must be able to ride the route atleast a few times. They are also offering us free t-shirts, food, and the ride itself. So please post ASAP if you want to help out. I told Joe I'd give him a firm number in a day or two. They are excepting a really large turn out so they are counting on us for help. This can go a long way in the good relations dept. and may even give us some new riding areas....
  2. Helping Hallstead

    No word yet but I'll send Joe an email to see if they are still planning on holding the run this year. There is a lot of gas drilling going on up in Susquehanna County. I hope it dosen't effect any of the land they used.
  3. Back in the running!!!

    Well Thanks to the Chef my quad is now ready to roll. New front wheel bearings, brakes and new tires all around. I'm all ready for SSRT's BBQ..... Thanks Bob... Now if I can just keep the rubber side down I'll be set...
  4. Back in the running!!!

    You guy's are tough...
  5. Helping Hallstead

    From what I understand Hallstead starts getting the run ready in mid summer. That means riding the trail and possibly doing some trimming or clearing. We would have to be familiar with the trails prior to the day of the run so that would mean riding it a few times so we know it. I plan to attend the scrabble run on Sat so I will see Joe and get more details. We are also in contact through email and telephone. All of these guys ride so we may aquire some new riding areas as well. It's a win win for everyone...
  6. Christmas Party

    Sounds good Bob. We won't use this thread again untill late next year. May as well take it down...
  7. Christmas Party

    I'd like to Thank everyone that came out to the meeting/Christmas party last night. We had a great turnout. 39 members and their families attended. I hope you all enjoyed the food. Thanks goes out to Bob & Mary Ellen Nitch for setting up the caterer and everyone who helped set up tables and clean up afterwards. It was a nice change from pizza and wings. 2009 was a great year for VATV. We had alot of fun and some really good rides. All the officers are going to be working hard to make 2010 even better. We'll do all we can to keep things running smoothly. We picked up alot of new members during the year and many have become very involved in club rides and activites. I'd like to also Thank Bob, Bob, Mike & Steve for all their hard work during the year. They are what makes the club work. They do alot of behind the scenes work that no one sees. These guys are dedicated to the club and we would be lost without them. So Thanks to everyone for a great year. Were looking forward to 2010 and more great times with the greatest people on earth. Dennis
  8. Christmas Party

    I thought it was a black tie event...
  9. Christmas Party

    Yes you can Lou. Were looking forward to seeing you. Are coming alone or with the family?
  10. Christmas Party

    Jean & I will be there.