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  1. Helping Hallstead

    The wind will dry some areas out a bit. The weather forcast for tomorrow is clear in the 60's and no wind. Couldn't ask for any thing better. Gonna be a lot of fun. I better go to bed now so I can get my butt out of bed at 4am. Gonna need alot of... tomorrow...
  2. Helping Hallstead

    Ang the radios I have won't are re chargable so we won't need any batteries. I have 8 radios and I have them all charging. They'll all be ready for tomorrow. Joe sent me an email and said for all of us to be sure to bring rain pants and waterproof boots. The trails are nice and muddy. See you guy's in the morning.
  3. Helping Hallstead

    I think the last group will need tracks. It's gonna be nasty by the time they get through...
  4. Helping Hallstead

    Now now boys be nice to me or I'll have to " Delegate" a really nasty assignment for you...
  5. Helping Hallstead

    Looks like your learning Jer...LOL. Thanks for taking the lead on this you guys. I should be able to make it up next weekend.
  6. Helping Hallstead

    Mike spoke to Joe last night and it looks like he may even go to Mehoopany. If you guys would rather go to the poker run on Sunday thats fine. We still hve plenty of time to get up to Hallstead. Many of you have already helped out up there and they appreciate all you have done. Between all of our club actitives, work and family stuff we all have do take care of it's impossible do do everything. So have a good time at the run and I hope one of our guys has the best hand. See you all Monday at the meeting.
  7. Helping Hallstead

    From the email I got from Joe he said they would be riding this Sunday Oct. 3rd, Due to fanily matters I won't be able to attend either one. My father in law had a stroke this week and is in the hospital, a good friend of ours passed away and I now have a viewing to go to and were are going through some other family matters that are going to side line me for some time. ( Jean and I are fine in case you were wondering). I should be able able to make Hallstead next weekend. If I can't ride it enough to learn the trail then I'll help out in some other way.
  8. Helping Hallstead

    I heard form Joe today. They DO PLAN TO RIDE THE ROUTE ON SUNDAY OCT 3rd.!!! Meet at the same place and time.
  9. Helping Hallstead

    I left him a message as well. I also sent him an email. Should hear back by weeks end.
  10. Helping Hallstead

    Haven't heard anything yet.
  11. Helping Hallstead

    I'm waiting to hear from the guys at hallstead to see if they will be running the route this coming Sunday. I sure would enjoy going to Mehoopany though...
  12. Helping Hallstead

    Ang they are not doing any work this weekend. See the post above your last one. They will start again next week.
  13. Helping Hallstead

    There won't be a work detail at Hallstead this Sunday 9/26. They want to keep a low profile this week. Only 2 of their guys will be working marking the trail. Next Sunday Oct. 3rd they will start running the trail so everyone can learn it. I'll keep you all posted when I hear more.
  14. Helping Hallstead

    Anyone planning on going to Hallstead on Sunday 9/26??? Joe is on vacation so we have to find out who to contacr and where they are meeting. Any ideas Mike??
  15. Helping Hallstead

    Who is planing to go up to Hallstead on Sunday? If you want to help out but don't feel comfortable being a leader they can still use you as a tailman. If you want to help out in any way were meeting at the 81 rest area at 8am Sunday.
  16. Helping Hallstead

    Well I'm in now for every Sunday up to the run itself. I have about 8 2-way radios for the day of the ride. This is going to be a good time. Thanks to everyone who has helped out so far. Hope we can get a few more people to volunteer. If the weather is good on the day of the run I'm betting their going to have well over 500 riders again. See you guy's Sunday at 8:00 at the rest stop.
  17. Head count for volunteers

    I'm in for Oct. for sure. I'll try to make the last 2 weeks on Sept.
  18. Helping Hallstead

    I not going to be able to make it. I have a job that has to get done tomorrow. I'll have to wait untill the end of the month or ride it in Oct before the poker run.
  19. Helping Hallstead

    I'm gonna try to make it on Sunday. Your meeting at 8:00 at the rest area right?
  20. Helping Hallstead

    I'd be up for it. Joe told me they may run Sat & Sun each week. He said they won't start untill 11:00-12:00. I'm working on Sat so Sun. should work for me. They meet at Joe's house and run from there.
  21. Helping Hallstead

    Just talked to Joe Kovitch from Hallstead. He said what they need most for the poker run is leaders.The riding in Sept. will start later in the morning. Joe said to feel free to call him with any questions: 570-879-4057. On the morning of the poker run everyone will meet at Joes house at 6am and ride your quad from there to the starting point. He will have t-shirts for everyone and we will eat for free.If you have a set of 2 way radios bring them. During Sept they will be riding both Sat and Sun. It would be a good idea to ride the trail atleast once prior to the day of the poker run. It will be a full day of riding. You can plan on running the route 2 or more times. Joe also told me that someone aproched him about starting a ATV club in his area. He said that would open up some new riding so this will be a win win for all of us. If you can make it up any weekend in Sept put up a post in this forum. I'll get directions to Joe's house posted also. Any questions call Joe or me.... If you do plan to ride in Sept. before the poker run bring a saw, lopping shears ect. just in case.
  22. Helping Hallstead

    I'm not sure if they need us to do any work. It sounded like they just wanted us to learn the route. That's a good problem to have...
  23. Helping Hallstead

    Again if you are planning to help out at the Hallstead poker run and can make the rides prior to the run post ASAP so the guy's know how many they can count on. They expect a huge turnout so they need all the help they can get. Most of us will be needed as tail men which means you will ride the route 2 or 3 times the day of the run. They need between 15 & 20 extra guy's to make this run go smoothly. They are counting on our club so lets not let them down...
  24. Helping Hallstead

    They are asking that anyone willing to help the day of the poker run plan to ride the route prior to the run so they can learn it. The run is scheduled for Oct. 17th. Registration will start at 7:00 a.m. You will have to make atleast one or two dry runs before the day of the event. As I said above they will be running the trail every weekend in Sept. Joe will let me know the days Sat or Sun.
  25. Helping Hallstead

    I'm in for sure...