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  1. Welcome Advanced Cycle Services

    Welcome aboard Carl & Lou !!! Thanks for your sponsorship. Feel free to post in the sponsors mud hole.
  2. January Poll

    Yuck, chocolate cake and 65 chevy wagons.....
  3. Welcome aboard to Gino and all the good folks at A.J. Lupas Insurance. Thank You for your sponsorship!!!
  4. December Poll

    Camping with my Brother from a different Mother....
  5. Welcome Cube Auto Supply & Recreation

    Welcome aboard. Feel free to post any sales, specials or upcoming events....
  6. Welcome Team Effort Cycle

    I'd like to Welcome Jennifer Schuler and all the folks from Team Effort Cycle on board as a new club sponser. Thanks for your sponsorship and let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Feel free to post any info. or promotions ect.. We look foward to a happy and long relationship. Hope to get you and your crew out on a club ride with us.... Sincerley, Dennis Kuenze ( Timber Rider) VATV Club President
  7. Welcome Team Effort Cycle

    Nice to see an active sponsor. We look forward to more posts from you...
  8. Christmas Party Information

    It was all the members that made this posible. I've said it before but I'll say it again. We have some of the best people on earth in our club and I'm proud to know each and everyone of you. You all have added so much to my life and these memories will last forever. Thank You all for a great ride...
  9. Christmas Party Information

    I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas party last night. Hope you all have a great holiday season. See you at the Jan. 2011 meeting.
  10. Christmas Party Information

    All the arranngements have been made for the Christmas party. December 6th at 6:00 pm at the West Side Social Club, 711 McAlpine St. Avoca, Pa. See you all there. Bring your appetite.
  11. Christmas Party Information

    Just a reminder: If you plan to attend the VATV Christmas Party on Dec 6th at 6:00 p.m. you must post on this forum by November 22!!! Thanks.
  12. Christmas Party Information

    Chris Genovese will be at the party. (1)
  13. Helping Hallstead

    Thanks Ang...
  14. Helping Hallstead

    I still have some grass stuck underneath. I 'll have to wait untill it biodegrades...
  15. Helping Hallstead

    Nice job Mike. That was a good day!!!
  16. Helping Hallstead

    Well I washed the quad for the fourth time today. I got almost all the mud and grass out. There's still a little bit left but I can proudly say I got atleast 98% of it out. One more good shot with the hose should do it. That stuff sticks like glue. Never saw anything like it.
  17. Christmas Party Information

    Just a reminder. We will need to know by the November meeting how many plan to attend the Christmas party. We have to get the head count to the caterer the first week of November. So please post ASAP...
  18. Helping Hallstead

    I spoke with Joe Kovitch tonight. He is going to send us a few t-shirts. He thanked us again for helping and was really happy with the way each team ran it's group.Especially the way Jerry and Corey handled the incedent with the little girl. You guys did a great job. It also said alot about the quality of people that we have in our club. We put safety first. Their already planning next years run and we'll be included. So if anyone wants to lend a hand weather it be leading, tail man, selling t-shirts or helping out with parking or registration they can use you. Their all a great group of hard working folks and they treated us like we were their neighbors.
  19. Helping Hallstead

    Well were all in for next year. They really appreciated our help and want us back.
  20. Helping Hallstead

    Joe sent me an email and wanted to know if any of the people who worked the run wanted more shirts. They have a few left in limited sizes. If you do want another one let me know ASAP and I'll forward it to him. Not sure how he will get them to you but you can work that out later.
  21. Helping Hallstead

    I know the Chef is going to ask. No I didn't tip over, crash, get stuck,forget any of my equip or do anything stupid all day .... No Head shaking today...
  22. Helping Hallstead

    Your right about the hay and grass Jerry. I won't have to buy any for my rabbit for about 6 months... I know I was pulling alot less weight when I pulled out of the car wash. I slept like a baby but I had to get up at 4am again today to be in Tunkhannock by 5am. It was a long day and I'm paying for it today but I'm glad we did it. I know everyone feels the same way. I really had a great time. I was close to punching the guy with the $250.00 quad in the nose. But I was so tired of climbing on and off my quad to help him I didn't have the strenth... That last hill was the breaking point. I hooked him up and towed him all the way back. No way was I fixing that chain again. 20 or 30 times was enough...
  23. Helping Hallstead

    I got an email from Joe Kovitch this morning Thanking us for helping out. He asked if we would be interested in helping out next year and of course I told him, Yes!!! Maybe we can get a few more people to help out next year. They can use help with parking, registration, the food stands and on the trails. They can find a job for anyone that wants to help out. They are already working on the trails for next year. Their a great group of people and they treated us like gold. Can't wait untill the next one.
  24. Helping Hallstead

    First let me say for those of you that couldn't make the poker run you missed a great ride. All the mud and water you could ask for. We each brought home at least 30 lbs. of mud on our quads. I spent about $8.00 at the car wash and it will still take me atleast an hour or so to get the rest of the mud and grass out of it. They had over 640 riders. We had six members teamed up as leaders and tail men. Despite some break downs each group had a great time. The food was good and there was plenty of it. Ang and I had the low maintance quad crew. Sliped chains, hard starting, high centering and bald tires were just a few of the problems. But everyone had a good safe ride. Were already looking forward to next year. I think Mike, Ang and Rob got some good pics. We had a few members ride the run also. Jim Bardo, Dennis Hand, Ray and a few of their friends, Dwayne,Carl and Glen. They were in one of the eariler groups so we didn't see them after we got back. Our guys ran groups 6,7 & 12. Felt good to get home and hop in a nice hot shower. Tonight is an advil night for me. Thanks to everyone who was able to help the fire company out with this event. It was a huge success. They really appreciated our help and we enjoyed doing it.
  25. Helping Hallstead

    See you guys in the morning. Sorry to hear about your wife Tom. Wish her well from all of us. If we can help let us know.