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  1. whisky springs/ kettle creek inn

    Denise and I headed out saturday 7/2 and we had booked a room at kettle creek because after researching i found that you can ride from their parking lot to the trails. We got a late start and arrived around 3ish, checked in, ordered some food to go, as their restaurant closes at 8pm and we were a lil worried we might not be back in time to sit down and eat later. We plotted a route of places on the trail that we wanted to get to, leaving anything after that open if time permitted. We covered lot of the lower end of the trails and decided to hit some of the trails on the eastern side and make a restroom stop at the parking lot. we then rode the south western side of the remediated area and a headed south on the huling branch road to the parking lot and back to the road to kettle creek inn, where we made it in time for dinner. We got an early start on sunday and hit almost everything that we didn't on saturday. I found 2 mudholes that swallowed my grizzly and clogged the radiator. We accidently wound up on the donut hole snowmobile trail and when we got to a boundary sign we sat and contemplated what to do. A group we saw earlier came up and thru from the other side and said they ventured it but decided to turn back because it got too steep for their comfort. While we were getting ready to turn back 3 more machines came thru & one of them was a silver haired gentleman from SSRT who told us that it's the snowmobile trail up from kettle creek camp ground and that they were there and saw the park ranger and the atmosphere was positive w/ more than a few 4 wheelers in campsites. later we ran into them again on a rocky section of trail and were talking about ssrt/bloody skillet and joked about how that lil stretch we were on is reminiscent of LT lol. The silver haired gentleman told me he answers the phone when you call ssrt and that Mike had taken him on a few rides in our neck of the state. All in all we had a blast. Time to do clutch and one way bearing on 450 and need to see if fan malfunctioned on 700 or if its just the mud fouling a sensor. I highly recommend staying at the kettle creek inn, nice to be able to ride right up to where you're staying instead of loading up & drivin down the road. accomodations were decent, clean and relaxed. The food was fresh & good. The staff was friendly and courteous as were the other guests. I put my pix up in the gallery, Denises pix are on my FB page
  2. Responsible Riders of Wayne County

    I would like to go and check them out too, there is strength in #'s and we all need to band together & support the fight for more open trails. As a former hiker it disappoints me that legal public riding opportunities for me and my redneck hoverounds are few and far between lol. there next meeting is this coming monday