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  1. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Save some turkey for tomorrow
  2. The beast is sold

    OH NO!!!!! Say it isn't so. I hope they use the Frankenstein body parts
  3. Happy birthday John Gianbra

    Happy belated birthday. Hope you enjoyed
  4. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to everyone and their family
  5. Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year to all.
  6. Eddie from West Side Social Club asked me to post this for a woman whose husband just passed away. They were going to join our club until his unexpected death last month 2012 Can Am Commander XT 1000 $8500.00 firm 528 miles 72 hours (570)457-5273 Leave message Power Sterring Soft Roof Half Windshield Rock Sliders Rear Bumper Rear View Mirror Roll Bar Speaker Extreme Front Bumper with Headlight Protection Right front tire has sidewall plug Hopefully we can help her with the sale. Thanks
  7. 2012 Can Am Commander XT 1000

    Tony informed me that he purchased the Commander and there were a lot of extras not listed. Thanks Tony.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving

    A Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to all
  9. whisky springs/ kettle creek inn

    Thanks for the update. We always had fun riding Whiskey Springs. That used to be the March ride before they closed it down. I would like to get down there before September but I am running out of available weekends right now.
  10. Responsible Riders of Wayne County

    Thanks, Mike
  11. New Tire

    New rims and tires for the Can Am Bighorn 2.0 on ITP SS312 Alloy Series Matte Black
  12. New ride: 2012 Arctic Cat 450i H1 4X4

    Congrats Mike. Looks good. Maybe you can get another 12,000+ out of this one too
  13. Annual VATV Club Picnic

    I will be there solo again. Cathy doesn't have enough vaca days yet.
  14. November Poll

    Let me know, I am due a few 'sick days' in the next week or two
  15. Helping Hallstead

    I know what you mean. Spent over another 2 hours with the power washer on Saturday afternoon trying to clean off mine. Every time around found more mud and grass, which turned to brick. The Purple Power works really good once you get down to the last layer of mud. Still, I would do it again.
  16. Helping Hallstead

    It was a great time. Glad I did it. Corey and I had 1 concussion(knocked out cold), 1 sport quad drowning that got towed half the run, and a few overheatings. My favorite was the guy who ran about 5 times through the mudpit and had solid mud plastered on his raditor. Couldn't figure out why he was overheating. I fired up the spotlights and the power washer when I got home and it took about an hour and a half to get the heaviest mud off. I also have about a bale and a half of grass and weeds at the bottom of the driveway.
  17. Helping Hallstead

    It is marked alot clearer than it was. Like Mike said, after a few runs there should be no problems seeing the trail, especially after the rain the past couple of days. Looks like it is going to be really muddy and messy on about half the trail. We caught up to the first group out because someone did not GO AROUND and was getting wet and muddy. Didn't see the pic of that one so Mike must have gotten bribed.
  18. Christmas Party Information

    Cathy and I will be there.
  19. Helping Hallstead

    Kudos to Mike and Corey when leading, they did a great job. There is one mudpit that nobody has made it through yeet so if you are leading have the winch ready in case somebody doesn't GO AROUND
  20. Helping Hallstead

    I know it is easier for Mike to go up 171. If anyone else is going to Hallstead, I can meet you at the rest stop between 8 and 8:30. Let me know where everyone is going. I have to be online for work sometime between 1AM and 6AM, so I can check this post then
  21. Helping Hallstead

    Dennis, Sorry to hear about your father and friend. I would like to ride either place tomorrow. I will keep checking to see where everyone is going.
  22. Helping Hallstead

    Anyone going up on the 19th, I know the club ride is Saturday and not sure if anyone is up for another long drive again on Sunday. I may call Joe and head up myself, just to get out.
  23. Head count for volunteers

    I'm in as a rider. I am going to try to make it up for this Sunday, 19th and 26th.
  24. Helping Hallstead

    I'm with gtchief. If it is still Oct. 17, I am in. I can probably only make Sundays in Sept. to help out in advance. Let me know the details. I have a chain saw or anything else they may need to help clear the trails.
  25. Helping Hallstead

    I am interested, depending on the date.