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  3. Happy Thanksgiving

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I love theses long weekends. My has lasted since July 1st of 2015...lol
  4. Happy Thanksgiving

    I got enough leftovers for a week!
  5. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Save some turkey for tomorrow
  7. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Tday
  8. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone
  9. Happy Fathers Day

    Happy fathers day to all of you Dads . Have a great day...Enjoy !
  10. LED headlight upgrade

    Found this kit to upgrade the headlights on the Alterra. This takes the same bulbs as the 366 and prior to finding this kit, there wasn't an option for an upgrade because the bulb is a combination hi/low. $100 for the kit. These are 3x brighter then stock lights and use about 1/2 the power. Mike
  11. Michelle's new ride

    Good Luck with your new Alterra 400 <<<< Michelle >>>> we won't be able to keep up to you
  12. Michelle's new ride

    Michelle got a new quad today, 2017 Arctic Cat Alterra 400. Keeping the 366 is a backup machine. Great deals going on new machines, Picked this up for $4,500, added winch and handwarmers The winch has synthetic cable for the price of standard cable. Couldn't turn that down Mike
  13. The beast is sold

    OH NO!!!!! Say it isn't so. I hope they use the Frankenstein body parts
  14. The beast is sold

    Sorry to see her go but at least she will live on as a organ donor...lol
  15. The beast is sold

    After 10 years and over 16,000 miles, I finally sold my first quad. Last ride on it was yesterday at Lost Trails. It was sold for parts. Mike
  16. Oswego County ATV Club

    They have a Facebook page and a website
  17. Oswego County ATV Club

    Maps are 5.00
  18. Oswego County ATV Club

    About 25 miles north of Syracuse 100 miles of trails in that club but they connect to many other club trails they have a campground club house wash down station I think it is 30.00 for the year
  19. Oswego County ATV Club

    How far is it and about how many miles of trails do they have? Mike
  20. Happy birthday John Gianbra

    Happy belated birthday. Hope you enjoyed
  21. Oswego County ATV Club

    i went up to Altmar NY. to check out the Oswego County ATV Club trails it was worth it it's not road ridding like Tug Hill is
  22. Happy birthday John Gianbra

    Happy Birthday John
  23. Happy birthday John Gianbra

    Happy Birthday John!
  24. Happy birthday John Gianbra

    :bday:Happy Birthday John. Hope you have a great day!!!
  25. Happy Easter

    Hope everyone had a Happy Easter
  26. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everybody!
  27. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to you all !!!
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